Counters, lights, and carpentry

Good progress has been made since my last post.

The vanity countertops have been installed in both upstairs bathrooms, and the shower door has been installed in the master bathroom.

Vanity countertop and shower door for the master bathroom.

Hall bath vanity top. We went with a single wide sink with two faucets (note the two holes drilled).

The powder room vanity is not expected until October, so that will probably linger for a while longer.

The electrician has installed the remaining light fixtures throughout the house.

Above the front door
Another view of the stairway light fixture.
Modern fixture juxtaposed with the raw chimney brick.
Hall bath vanity light. (Looks like the closest light is slightly bent in this photo.)

The carpenter has finished the trim work for the breakthrough between the original house and the addition.

Looking into the addition from the dining room.
Opposite view into the house from the addition.
New trim work around the original windows. This was extremely difficult because the windows are not level.

Next up: finish the plumbing fixtures, repair the drywall, and build the deck. Final inspection is hopefully scheduled for next week.

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