The roof is done

At long last, the roofer has finished our roof, gutters, and downspouts. Here is a brief chronology:

About one year ago, last February, we had some terrible ice dams and roof leaks. We signed the contract with the roofer in March. The roofing project began in June. The second floor roof was completed in August. Significant progress was made in September and October.

Yesterday, Friday January 18, 2019, was the epic conclusion of our 10-month-long roofing and gutter project. Yes, believe it or not, the project took exactly 300 days to complete.

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Stucco, bathroom, and (slow) roof progress

Today, the color coat for the stucco went on. It hasn’t dried yet, and my understanding is that it will darken by a couple of shades as it does.

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Other progress – roofing, stairs, and pump

Some progress on the renovation continues, albeit slowly.

The roofing delay we experienced was mostly due to them running out of shingles. The shingle was a special order, and only part of the shipment arrived. So they stopped for a month or so while they waited for the rest to arrive.

Fortunately, it arrived last week, and they returned to finish the addition’s roof and proceed in the main house.

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