Tile progress

There has been a lot of progress on the project, particularly with tile. This is very exciting to see as the spaces really start to take shape.

We went bold with the powder room tile. It’s a very small space, it’s quirky, so why not have fun?

The other bathrooms have heated floors, so heating cables were installed on the Durock.

Hall bathroom heated floor
Master bathroom heated floor
Hall bathroom
Master bathroom

We picked this fun, matte blue hex tile for the hall bathroom floor.

For the wall, we went with a large rectangular white field tile.

The niche at the right will be finished in the same blue hex as the floor. It will also include a quartz base and shelf.
Hall bathroom floor completed, with blue hex tile and gray grout.

The master shower has a white subway tile done in a straight lay (rather than brick). Two niches are visible in the photo.

The niches will be done in a bold, yellow hex tile.

The yellow hex on the right is our tile. The yellow circular tile on the left was incorrectly ordered.

The master bathroom floor is done in a simple grey hex tile.

Only a few tiles to go!

Unfortunately, we were short a few tiles. Our builder ordered a few extras. When they arrived, we realized a terrible mistake had been made. The wrong tile was installed. In fact, the tile installed was the leftover mudroom tile, rather than the correct master bathroom tile. And, the mudroom tile has been discontinued, so even if we wanted to keep it, it wouldn’t have been possible to get matching tiles to finish the last few.

So, they ripped it all out.

The electrical tape on the heating cable is where it the heated floor was damaged by the tile removal.

Below is a photo showing the difference between the correct tile (left) and the mudroom tile (right).

It turns out that the tile for the master bathroom was never ordered, so we are now waiting to find out how long it will take to get here. We also need to determine if the entire floor needs to be removed due to the heated floor damage, or if it can be repaired.

Meanwhile, the vanities are being installed (they are floating, so don’t depend on the tiles). The doors should be arriving soon. The electrical contractor will be back soon to finish up the electrical trim work (installing outlets, switches, lights, etc.) The rough estimate (before the tile glitch) was that the project would be complete in the next 30 days.

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  1. I would also love to know where you sourced the yellow hex tile. I haven’t been able to locate any that size. Thank so much

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