• Punchlist progress (2/13/2020) - Our renovation project is now in the “punchlist” phase, in which our builder slowly chips away at the remaining items. Since my last post several months ago, slow progress has been made and our house and life has mostly returned to normal.
  • Done-ish (10/5/2019) - This is the post that I never thought would come. The work is not yet complete, but it is now “done enough” that we can move back in. We’ve moved our furniture back from storage.
  • Counters, lights, and carpentry (9/12/2019) - Good progress has been made since my last post. The vanity countertops have been installed in both upstairs bathrooms, and the shower door has been installed in the master bathroom.
  • Bits and pieces, and floors (8/29/2019) - We had anticipated that the project would be complete by now, but we have hit a number of snags. Regardless, there have been bits and pieces slowly completed over the past month. Bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets have been installed.
  • Tile progress (7/28/2019) - There has been a lot of progress on the project, particularly with tile. This is very exciting to see as the spaces really start to take shape. We went bold with the powder room tile. It’s a very small space, it’s quirky, so why not have fun?