July 14 Budget Update

Happy Bastille Day.

We continue to rack up the overages on this project. Our project manager emailed us today with some bad news. Winnetka sent us feedback on our permit requests.

First, we need to upgrade electrical to 400 amp and bury our electrical line, rather than just move it. That’s an $18k fee. Winnetka owns its own power utility, and evidently charges far more than is reasonable.

Second, we definitively need to upgrade our water service. (At our July 7 meeting, they let us know that we should expect this, so this one isn’t a surprise at this point, just a hit to the budget.)

Finally, we need to install and hard-wire interconnected smoke/carbon monoxide detectors on every level, near every gas or electric appliance, and in every bedroom.

Winnetka has blown our budget out of the water at this point. I’m trying to understand why it’s so expensive to bury a wire from our utility pole to our house.

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