The concrete contractor is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday to begin work on the foundation for the addition. To prepare, we have a few tasks: clear the deck (they will remove part of it), clear the back garden, and remove the mulberry tree.

Had our contractor given us a solid start date for the project, we could have been prepared for things, but they didn’t, and we’re not. We didn’t even definitively learn we would have to remove the tree until last week. So, we’ve been scrambling to pull everything together at the last minute.

The garden behind the house is moving tomorrow. We’re moving all of the perennials and landscaping stones, and hopefully none of the weeds. The bushes won’t make the cut.

The fruitless mulberry tree is being cut down on Tuesday.

Dining room. The window on the right will be removed and relocated to the addition, and will become a hallway into the new kitchen.

Terror is setting in, and I’m second-guessing all of our careful planning.

Did we make the right decisions? Is it a good plan? Did with think through all of the details? Should we have done a two-story addition instead of a single-story? It’s too late now.

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