Preparing to dig

This is a joyless post.

In preparation for the start of construction, we needed to clear out our back garden and remove a tree that would block the foundation.

The result is stark. It is sad to have to remove things from our yard which were perfectly healthy and attractive. I’m telling myself that it had to be done, but it brings me no joy.

First, we cleared out the garden.

See the clean-out next to the air conditioner? That’s the sewer line that will need to be relocated.

We attempted to save the plants and stones and relocated them to the back of our yard. We’ll have to wait until next year to see what has survived.

It looks nice now, but a day later they put up a nasty silt fence and destroyed the Pachysandra.

Next, we removed the tree. My son gives it a final hug goodbye before leaving for school.

Destruction complete.

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