The renovation continues at a good pace.

Over the last two weeks, we have passed our insulation inspection and had drywall installed, taped, and mudded.

Here’s a photo tour of the progress.

The tour begins in our dining room, where we opened up a wall to hide plumbing and electrical. We bumped out this corner a bit to make room for the plumbing drain. The alternative would have been to hide it behind the built-in, but it is such useful storage, we felt this was a better solution.

Heading downstairs to our basement, we left a small drywall “reveal” that identifies the location of the original door into the old kitchen. This was requested by the historic preservation department.

Our powder room (originally a closet). This is a downward view that looks wacky with the wide angle lens, but you can see the water lines at the left and the toilet drain at the right.

Things get more interesting as the tour progresses into the former kitchen, soon-to-be office.

Below, the niches for the refrigerator (left) and old cabinets (right) will be turned into built-in shelves.

View of the wall. Previously, there were stairs to the “back” door at the right. They have now been closed up.

Upstairs hallway. The old bathroom door is being re-used for a linen closet. To the right is the new door to the master bedroom. To the left is existing door (through the chimney) to another bedroom.

When you turn around 180 degrees from that spot, you see the new door to the hall bathroom.

Turning to your left, you see a spot for the toilet (right) and towel bars (left). The junction boxes will control floor heat and one extra electric radiator we added (that’s the electrical whip protruding through the wall at the bottom-left).

Turning to your right, you see spots for dual medicine cabinets and a single wide trough sink with double faucets. (The PVC drain pipe in the wall is for the Space Pak air conditioning in the attic.) The black steel bars are to hold the floating vanity.

The bath tub is covered in construction supplies.

Master bedroom. The bathroom is to the right, the closet to the left.

Looking left at the hall to the balcony (and closet).

Looking right at the master bathroom.

The hall to the balcony and the closet. Note the three Space Pak ducts carefully hidden in the wall.

The new walk-in closet.

The bathroom. The toilet will be straight ahead under the windows.

Shower. Note the shower control at the right (where you walk in), and shower head on the left.

Shower control. Junction boxes for lights, floor heat, and outlet.

Medicine cabinet and steel brackets for floating vanity.

Niche for built-in storage. The niche includes outlets for rechargeable devices like toothbrushes. The junction box controls heat for an additional small electric heater directly under the window.

Even though the new ceiling is quite a bit lower than the old cathedral ceiling, it is still a high ceiling. I like the interesting angles where ceiling meets the roof.

We also recently replaced the balcony roof with this white TPO material. The roofer cut back the stucco to bring the roofing membrane up the wall, so we had a stucco contractor out to patch it. In the photo below, you can see the patched stucco “brown coat” around the perimeter of the roofing membrane.

They then blended it perfectly with stucco all the way up to the eave. We had lots of problems with leaks in this roof last winter, so hopefully this solves the problem.

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    1. This week, they should do second coat on the drywall, then sand and prime. Next week is wood floor install and durock for the bathrooms, tile underlayment and floor heat install. Making good progress!

  1. So exciting to see it coming along to the point where I can actually visualize the the final product! Love the new office ?

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