Hardwood flooring / bathrooms ready for tile

The wood floors have been installed, and the bathrooms are ready to tile.

With all of the floor leveling that was done, the front door would not swing open without cutting it down.

Carpenter very carefully cutting the door down to size.

Front door

I really appreciate that our builder installed the front door properly with a proper threshold.

Front landing level built up due to floor leveling. Installation of door threshold.
Door re-installed with a new threshold.
View of the front landing. Since we have built up the landing by an inch or so to level it, the step (covered in protective board and red tape in this photo) is now a “short” step and will need to also be built up. The builder hadn’t wanted to touch it, but I’m concerned it will be a tripping hazard if they don’t.
Side view of the front landing in question. You can see how it previously sloped down from the front door (at right) to the step up (at left). Now that it’s level, the first step will need a new tread.

Living room

As you enter the house, you are greeted with beautiful new hardwood. The flooring has changed direction due to the floor joists. Previously, the flooring ran the same direction as the joists, but apparently the proper way to install flooring is to run it perpendicular to the joists to limit squeaking, so we have changed the direction of the floor.

Dining room

The temporary door to the addition in the background will, of course, eventually be removed.

Great care was taken with the triangular fireplace hearth. The flooring contractor had never seen one this shape before and really enjoyed the challenge, but this was very time consuming! You may notice the broken bricks on top of the board. These were pulled out so that the flooring would fit.

Office (former kitchen)

Heading upstairs

I wanted to show how significant a change it was to level the floors, and nowhere is that more evident than the stairs! We cannot rebuild or change these stairs in any way because we would need to comply with current codes, and it would be costly (if not physically impossible) to achieve. So, we have to leave this be.

This is an iPhone photo that I took to eliminate any wide angle lens distortion. The phone is laying flat on the hearth, and you can see that the floor is perfectly flat. This demonstrates how much the stairs are pitched.
The very top of the stairs. Here, the floor had to be gently sloped so that we would not need to alter the top of the stairs.
The new flooring ends right under the door.
View of the hallway from the new hall bathroom. In the distance is the hall linen closet and the stairs.
Nothing is straight in this house! The chimney is not straight, nor is this door straight. Installing the floor perfectly required some precise cuts.

Master bedroom

Hall to the closet and balcony. I’m really liking the interesting angles in the vaulted ceiling.
Master closet

Master bath

Durock was installed in the master shower and painted with a waterproofing substance.
Double niches in the shower.

Durock was also installed in the bathroom floor in preparation for floor heat installation and tile.

Hall bath

Durock walls and floor were also completed in here.

Good progress has been made. You may have noticed that in addition to the floors, the drywall has all been finished and primed throughout the house.

Up next: The electrician needs to install the floor heat in the bathrooms, and then tile work can begin. Electrical switches and outlets need to be installed (we do need to select and purchase some new electrical fixtures). The vanities and medicine cabinets must be installed, then countertops, as well as doors. Then plumbing fixtures. Trim work and repair. The back deck needs to be built.

There is not much left to do, and the “heavy lifting” has been mostly accomplished at this point, so it is finally starting to feel like things are in the home stretch.

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