Hardwood flooring / bathrooms ready for tile

The wood floors have been installed, and the bathrooms are ready to tile.

With all of the floor leveling that was done, the front door would not swing open without cutting it down.

Carpenter very carefully cutting the door down to size.

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Cabinetry updates

Our kitchen cabinet installation was paused due to a ceiling height issue, and our builder had to re-order slightly shorter upper cabinets. That delayed our scheduled appliance measure and installation.

The new cabinets arrived and installation is now nearly complete. This time around, only one of the cabinets is the wrong size. Unfortunately, it’s the cabinet that the hood will be attached to, so that will probably cause an additional delay for the project.

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Stucco, bathroom, and (slow) roof progress

Today, the color coat for the stucco went on. It hasn’t dried yet, and my understanding is that it will darken by a couple of shades as it does.

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