Stucco, bathroom, and (slow) roof progress

Today, the color coat for the stucco went on. It hasn’t dried yet, and my understanding is that it will darken by a couple of shades as it does.

We selected a gray-brown color. We intend to paint the trim a light color, and keep the windows bronze. No more yellow and brown for this house!

Below is the color sample for the stone gray color, and various trim color options. We are considering the Pale Oak color.

Stucco application underway:

They are nearly complete with the color. Just a couple more sections to go.

Here you can see the contrast with the yellow:

Here was the initial application showing a close-up of the texture.

There is other progress to report as well.

The roofers continue to slowly, slowly, slowly, make progress. The porch gutters and flashing are complete, and the shingles are very nearly done.

The flat roof over the doors is complete as well. They have added a copper edge surrounding the flat roof to catch water and direct it into the gutters.

A photo of the flat roof over the front door:

In the addition, the mudroom wood floor has been ripped out to make way for tile.

The bathroom shower seat has been built, and the Durock has been installed.

In the photo below, you can see the shower’s storage niche:

The heating cable for the heated floor has been installed as well! This is a feature we are very excited about.

However, what renovation blog post would be complete without a new problem? If you are an avid reader of this protracted project’s blog, you will know how excited we were to begin the kitchen cabinet installation. The cabinet installation has indeed begun, but halted almost immediately. In devastating news, we have learned that a mis-measurement has resulted in the addition’s kitchen ceiling being several inches shorter than intended. We are not sure how this happened, but the result is that the upper cabinets do not fit.

Our builder has re-ordered them all, but we do not yet know when the new cabinets will arrive, or how much more delayed the project will be. Worse, it would simply be impractical to ask the builder to remove the roof, tear off the walls, and fix the studs to provide for the missing couple of inches.

Another minor problem involves exterior vertical trim that the roofer cut to install flashing. They didn’t patch it back with replacement trim, so the stucco contractor patched it with stucco. I had assumed that one of them would repair it, but I guess not. I’ll need to come up with a solution for this to restore our trim.

We have a painter starting on preparing all of the trim for paint this week, so I will ask them if their carpenter can help us solve this problem.

On a more positive note, floor tile installation for the basement will begin this week.

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