Stucco, bathroom, and (slow) roof progress

Today, the color coat for the stucco went on. It hasn’t dried yet, and my understanding is that it will darken by a couple of shades as it does.

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Other progress – roofing, stairs, and pump

Some progress on the renovation continues, albeit slowly.

The roofing delay we experienced was mostly due to them running out of shingles. The shingle was a special order, and only part of the shipment arrived. So they stopped for a month or so while they waited for the rest to arrive.

Fortunately, it arrived last week, and they returned to finish the addition’s roof and proceed in the main house.

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Roofing update – addition roofing is complete (almost)

The roofing for the addition is finally complete. Well, almost.

Here’s a photo from a few days ago that shows the shingles are complete. The lead vent pipe flashing and the kitchen exhaust vent are also installed.

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