Kitchen updates – plumbing, panels, trim, hood, tile, electrical – whew!

There are a lot of updates to report on the addition.

We have plumbing fixtures! We have panels! We have (some) trim! We have a tile backsplash! We have light!

Sputnik light fixture over the stairs

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Basement carpentry and plumbing progress

The carpenters returned last week and have virtually completed the basement framing work. The plumbing rough-in is also nearly complete. Electrical work should begin next week.

View up from the new basement. Photo taken from what will be the staircase. The stucco has been removed from the former outside wall of our house.

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Measure twice

This week, I feel like the details of this project are starting to get away from me. I’m very particular about things, so it is frustrating to see errors and have to deal with them (or learn to accept them).

I’ve looked at many houses over the years, and know a good renovation from a sloppy one. Since starting the project, I’ve been determined to do everything I can to make sure this is a good one. That means all the details must be handled just right.

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